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Is it a family show?

Yes! Our goal is to entertain the entire family with a great PG show. We appreciate that adults want a smart and funny show and that they sometimes also need to keep their kids engaged. We aim to keep everyone laughing.

How long is the show?

At 25 minutes or less, our show fits comfortably in a thirty minute slot. We believe it’s our job to entertain folks and then send them along to shop, eat and see other great acts. As two performers who have enjoyed longer show formats over the years, we've fallen in love with this fast-paced and concise 25 minute format.

We have two different shows right now; our "Quarterly Report Show", which is shown in our promo video, and our new "Shareholders" show, which features more sketch comedy and two more new songs. Both shows fit easily within the 20-25 minute range.


Put us in a forty-five minute slot. This gives us extra time (35 minutes) to perform additional comedy, and then ten more minutes to pass the hat and meet patrons. This little bit of extra time buffer also positions us to help you keep your stage running on time!



Do you do street?

Yes! We try to begin and end the day in the street, greeting patrons and playing music. We know streetwork is important for us to connect with new audiences, support the faire’s need for atmosphere and keeping areas around shops lively.

How long have you been doing this show?

The show is in it's third festival season now. We began working on Company Men in 2017, while working together, in a studio theatre, on a different musical comedy project. While we were writing and producing that other show, there was intense brainstorming for Company Men and we would unwind every night after rehearsals by working on Company Men, which had the working title “Shakespeare Inc”. We wanted to create a project for faires that built on our twenty-five years of festival experience and challenged us to perform at the next level. We also spoke with Entertainment Directors about what they wanted and needed. Our goal was to create something that was an "easy yes" for festivals and a unique, smart, family-friendly, musical comedy experience for the audience. It’s been one of the most fun and rewarding creative processes we’ve ever had and we can’t wait to share our show with your patrons.