Successful Renaissance Festival veterans Duncan Pace of “The London Broil and Spencer Humm of “Hack and Slash bring their collective 50 years of festival experience to “Company Men”. These absurd “Shakespearean corporate executives” present a collection of short, festival-length music and sketch comedy shows that appeal to a wide family audience while staying smart and historically informed.

Their company “Global Inc.” is the corporate force behind the great bard William Shakespeare and business is good! Whether presenting their “quarterly report”, testing new theatre play ideas on the audience “focus group”, or teaching children how to curse more artfully in songs like, If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Say it in Verse! these Elizabethan “businessmen” will add colorful wit, music and joy to your patrons’ festival day. Please check out our promo video and consider bringing us to your festival this season.

  • Fresh, new, family-friendly content 
  • Live music with strings and percussion 
  • Smart comedy for any audience
  • Shakespearean wit and historic flavor 
  • Reliable and proven renaissance festival professionals 
  • Available for your festival this season!